Announcing Humanitarian Exploration to Zambia in Support of Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust

On October 11, 2023, I am beginning a humanitarian exploration to Zambia where I will spend 9 days working to create a documentary film and produce communication tools for Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust.

The Background

Since my early twenties I have dreamed of traveling to places around the world in order to meet people from all walks of life, and tell the stories about how people live in different places and what people think would make our world a better place. So a few months ago when Gaëlle Mogli, the Founder of ConnectAID, asked if I would be willing to travel to Zambia as a ConnectAID representative to support their partner NGO, Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust, I knew it was something I deeply wanted to do. I met over Zoom with Chipembele’s Founder, Anna Tolan, heard more about the wondrous activities at Chipembele and confirmed the dates for coming to spend time connecting with their community.

What I will be doing: Documentary Filmmaking, Communication Tools

Along this journey I will be filming to create a documentary about the trip, the people and work of Chipembele, and the wondrous wildlife which inhabits the area near South Luangwa National Park, Mfuwe, Zambia. I am setting out to not only tell the stories of the people I will meet, but also to tell the story of how life is a relationship. And the more we understand our relationship with life, the more we understand ourselves.

I will also be creating graphics, videos and other communication tools for Chipembele to use on their social media channels. I think that communication is the first step towards forming connection, and connection is what produces compassion. My hope is be able to use this trip to generate as much awareness as possible for the work of Chipembele and help their work be fully supported, as they work to impact lives for the better through wildlife education.

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